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Alicia Isaacs broadened her experiences in other fields as she entered into a business partnership for Nelson Grace Designing Enterprize, co-managing areas of office Management, accounting, book-keeping, manufacturing (from raw materials to finished product including packaging), advertising and marketing of the product.


She shifted gears from the business world in 2001 entering the tax industry as a Tax Preparer with H & R Block adding personal and business tax skills to her portfolio.


In 2001, Alicia was drawn back into the insurance industry as a claims assistant with McLarens Canada completing transcription assignments. Later on, she was promoted to Accident Benefits Claims Assistant engaging in administrative activities exclusive to aiding independent adjusters to effectively manage file handling workload to meet the needs of the claimants and satisfy their clients.


Activities involved contacting clients, setting appointments with legal representatives,  assign surveillance to claim and prepare review documents, assist in calculating accident benefits payments on file, send out scheduled accident benefits payments, request file payments, answer claimants’ questions regarding their claim, setting up medical assessments, sending correspondence to insured, service providers, requesting medical records and much more.


As an Accident Benefits Claims Assistant, Alicia completed the following 8 courses in the Chartered Insurance Professional Program (CIP):

Principles and Practice of Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Property Insurance, Bodily Injury, Fraud Awareness, Essentials of Loss Adjusting, Advance Essentials of Loss Adjusting and Liability Insurance.


As a claims adjuster, she set up claim files, reviewed files, contacted claimants to obtain particulars of  accident, followed up with third party insurance company to  determine injury details, assign appraiser to file, assign salvage expert to file, complete reports to examiner,  correspondence, request  file payment to service providers and claimants and close claim file.


Alicia has written many articles for the North Thompson The Times covering a wide range of local community events including council meetings, business profiles, personal profiles, press release, fund raiser, seminars and more.


Alicia also writes inspirational articles where she shares practical tips learned through her personal life experiences giving her instant wisdom and aids to resolving stressful issues.  Her article, Creating Miracles— The Process, was featured in the Black Star News.


Alicia Isaacs gained her administrative skills in the insurance industry where she began as a claims assistant at Federated Insurance Company of Canada in 1989. She developed her multi-tasking abilities engaged in the activities of transcribing dictation from Dictaphone, Data Entry (intake of claims), forms development, keeping of inventory and ordering supplies, reception duties (handling multiple phone lines), maintaining employee attendance records, filing, file setup and maintenance, to name a few.


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